Achiever Nepal is committed to serve in social activities

Half of the population of Nepal is below the poverty line and about one third of the population lives without clear water. These are people who do not have the basis needs such as food, health and education. Half of the children’s are malnourished and under weight. Achiever Nepal is a non-government (NGO) and a non-profit organization, affiliated with the Government of Nepal and is fully committed to serve in social activities.

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How you can contribute to the Achiever Nepal?

Volunteering with Achiever Nepal

We are looking for Volunteers and provide them an opportunity to work in the following fields: Health and Education, Skill Development, Orphanage, Child care, and so on. See our Objectives below

Work Together

We welcome all national and international organization as well as any individuals to work together to change and help to develop Nepal.

Our Future Plan

Our future plan is to conduct social public awareness programs among the rural villages. And, to build more Orphanages and Children homes. Achiever Nepal wants to expand all the activities of any social works throughout the nation.

Be there with them, Trek and Hike with us.

Nepal is the one of the beautiful countries in the world.

Nepal's bio-diversity land, an incomparable blend of high mountains, spectacular scenery and rich cultures is not exceeded to the road connection with the big cities due to remoteness.

It is only possible to explore them by walking through sheepherders or caravan trails.
It means trekking. One can walk along the beaten trails or virgin tracks. Either way you are in for an experience for a lifetime. Along with dense forest of rhododendron, isolated hamlets and small mountain villages, birds, animals, temples, monasteries and breathtaking landscapes and on the other hand, you will encounter friendly people of different cultures offering a fascinating glimpse of traditional rural life..


Trekking in the Himalayan opens up new horizons of awareness, blending physical challenge with mental relaxation and a spiritual elation inspired by splendid scenery and heartwarming human encounters. It is a experience that will expand your appreciation of the world and give you a new perspective on you own life.

If you are looking for adventure and cultural experience of life time. Nepal has some of the best ever popular hiking,trekking, Tours, sightseeing, rock climbing, peak climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, wildlife safari,cannoning,mountain biking, paragliding and much more…….

Achiever Nepal would happily help you for your enjoyment.

Objectives to Help & Improve

Here're our objectives:.

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